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About Us

NewGenSalsa Music

Our Vision

Our hope is to serve as a key cog in once again elevating Salsa music to the heights of its glory days.

Our Mission

The ultimate objective is to make NewGenSalsa Music the premier label for new bands looking to spread their music to the masses.

"If you haven't heard El Regreso by The Latin Heart Beat get your copy today! I'm playing it at every club I DJ at. Superstar approved!"

Superstar DJ Woody Andujar

"Salseros, El Regreso is an awesome album and a must have to add to your collection."

DJ ChriSmooth

"A Great CD, fantastic work from beginning to end. All tracks are awesome and will keep you on the dance floor. "EL Regreso" took it to another level, lot's of energy!. Love the tropical feel of "Cuantas Veces" and nice choice for the cover."

Marcelino J. Campbell

El Regreso

The Latin Heartbeat

NewGenSalsa Music Team

    Walter Baez is the Founder/Ceo of NewGenSalsa Music.

    I am a New York City club/event DJ with over 30 years of experience specializing in the sounds of Salsa Dura and Dance music. I’ve had the pleasure of performing in many of the major clubs in New York City such as Webster Hall, The China Club, The Roxy, Latin Quarters (LQ’s), The Copacabana, and The Palladium to name a few.

    For the last two years I have steadily made a name for myself in Salsa industry circles through the popularity of my personalized Salsa music megamixes, which have garnered praise from artists and fans alike. These recordings, which I have posted with regularity on my personal Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter and Tumblr pages have received thousands of downloads, and have aired on several Latin radio programs around the globe.

    As a result of my growing online presence and the notoriety that I received from my DJ mixes, I was eventually recruited by Salsa music veteran Izzy Sanabria to become a participating member of his Salsa Magazine collective. As the former Music Editor for Salsa Magazine I generated weekly music playlists, wrote periodical album and song reviews on the latest Salsa releases, and aided in the early development of the Salsa Magazine award show by helping to devise award categories and the full list of award nominees.

    My latest musical venture, which has become a passion project of mine, is the creation of NewGenSalsa.com. What started off as FaceBook group page just a few months ago has now evolved in to a website filled with song reviews, music videos, weekly music playlist’s, news articles and more. Our aim at NewGenSalsa is to become the premier promotional forum for new and emerging Salsa artists looking to spread their music to the masses, and our hope is that we can serve as a key cog in elevating Salsa music to the heights of its glory days. We welcome all artists, fans, and music lovers alike to share in our vision.

    William Mendoza is the Vice President Of NewGenSalsa Music & band leader of The Latin Heartbeat

    William Mendoza was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico but was raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Because of the city’s’ cultural diversity, he surrounded himself with music that ranged from Doo Wop & R & B, to Rock and Latin. He was in the mix during the birth of Fania and the ever-evolving styles of Salsa which were blazing the airwaves back in the 70’s. He began playing bass guitar at age 14, but moved on to steel drums where he discovered his true love for percussion. After years of playing the NY Latin scene, with groups such as the Latin Rock Band Malo, Willie took a hiatus from the music business to raise a family and to concentrate on business. After years in the business sector, his love for music has brought him back. Applying both what he learned in music as well as in business he now brings to you – “The Latin Heartbeat".

    OVTLIERS are the creative branding agency for NewGenSalsa Music.

    OVTLIERS, LLC is a service oriented company existing to provide custom creative marketing and branding solutions aimed at small business and startups. We are craftsmen at heart, committed to excellence with every single project that we take on. OVTLIERS, LLC is backed by over 15 years of rock-solid experience in the areas of video production, graphic and web design, photography, music production, social media marketing/promotion/PR and new media. The diversity of our experience allows us to deliver unrivaled results to our client base.

    We offer Brand Development, Web design, Video Production for TV, Film and Advertising, Music Composition for TV, Film and Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Promotion, Graphic Design, Advanced Motion Graphic Design, Strategic Consulting, Impression Development, Sales Strategy and Event Coordination.

    Our mission is simple. We strive to make it easier for you to get down to exactly what you set out to do in the first place, conduct your business creatively and efficiently. We work hard to remove some of the red tape associated with hiring multiple agencies by providing a "one-stop-shop" for all of your branding/marketing needs. We understand small business because we are small business. If you succeed, we succeed...

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